Last Project Life Cards and Oops!

Ohmygoodness.  I sure hope you all haven’t made the same mistake I did.  I’ve been working so hard on making cards, I forgot to actually send them out.  *Blush*  I did send a few for Chanukah, but not nearly as many as I usually do.  I haven’t yet sent any cards to my friends who celebrate Christmas.  I am fixing this mistake TODAY!  Can you just see it — my stamp room full of holiday cards, none of which actually went out?  Luckily, there is still time to get them in the mail!

If you haven’t sent your cards out, let this be your reminder.  I can’t begin to tell you how much our cards are appreciated.  Often, I don’t find out till (litterally) years later when people tell me that my cards are cherished.  If you send yours out and don’t hear back, do NOT assume that your cards aren’t appreciated.  I’ve learned that not everyone takes the time to say something, but trust me, in our techie world, anything hand made is loved and cherished.
Here is my final card of the series.  Of course, I saved the best for last.  I adore this little ornament. projectlife10bgThis was the second easiest card of the series (after the tree card). I cut out the ornament and using dimensionals, adhered it to another Project Life piece.  I then added a few silver stars and ta da, done!

Here is the Project Life kit I used:

Supplies Used:
Kit: Hello December 2015 Project Life Card Collection
Accessories: Metallic sequins (that’s IT!)
Paper: Lost Lagoon

Okay!  I am off to go mail some cards.


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