I love the idea of templates.  You’re stuck looking at a stamp set and don’t know where to start designing your card.  Instead of hitting the wall, you pull out a template.  You follow it loosely by changing up the colors, stamp set, sentiments, and you have a lovely card that’s DONE.

Another reason why I love templates is because templates are different then copying a card exactly. There’s nothing wrong with copying cards (it’s a well known practice in the stamping world and respected form of flattery as long as you include credit for the original designer) but I personally believe that if you want to improve your skills, you need to practice.  Templates can help you think of card layouts you hadn’t thought of before.  Your work is completely your own!

Click below for a pdf of Templates.

Here’s a card made with Template #3:


Here’s a card made with Template #2:


Here’s the card I made using Template #1.


I would love to see projects you’ve made using the template.  Please email them to me at RinaStamps@gmail.com.



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